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NYS Standard Operating Procedures

New York State law requires that Licensed Real Estate Brokers publish Standard Operating Procedures related to the prerequisites that prospective homebuyers (“Prospective Buyers”) must meet before receiving services from a Licensed Real Estate Agent or Broker.  The following procedures shall be implemented uniformly by all Agents and Brokers of Pergolotti Realty, LLC (“Pergolotti”) for all Prospective Buyers. 


Prospective Buyer Identification. Pergolotti does not have a general requirement by which it requires Prospective Buyers to provide identification in order to receive services from Pergolotti.  However, Prospective Buyers may be required to provide identification in the following situations:   1. If a building’s policies require identification be presented in order to enter a building in which Pergolotti has offices, or in which a property is being shown.  2. If a selling homeowner or their listing agent requires identification to attend an open house or showing of a property.  3. In any other circumstance required by a third party associated with Pergolotti providing services to the Prospective Buyer. 


Buyer Representation Agreement. Pergolotti does not require Prospective Buyers to sign an exclusive buyer representation agreement prior to Pergolotti providing services.  Pergolotti and Prospective Buyers may agree to enter into an exclusive buyer representation agreement. 


Prospective Buyer Evidence of Pre-Approval. Pergolotti does not require Prospective Buyers to provide confirmation of a loan or mortgage pre-approval prior to receiving services from Pergolotti.  However, a third party, including a seller or listing agent, may require Prospective Buyers to provide evidence of pre-approval prior to, or during, the period in which the Prospective Buyer receives services from Pergolotti. 


Updated April 20, 2022

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